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About Us

We have been in the metal rollforming business for nearly 100 years. One unique aspect of our company history is that we originally were manufacturers of the machines that we now use to produce rollformed metal shapes. Many of our machines are still in use in our industry today by us as well as by some of our competitors! We have long since evolved into a custom rollforming manufacturer. We still build and modify equipment, if needed, to meet the production demands of our plant. This machine building experience gives us additional lattitude during the engineering process to design tooling that will produce your parts with the greatest efficiency and unparalled accuracy.

We have a multi-million dollar assortment of stock dies that can be combined to produce a vast array of custom shapes with minimal tooling cost...if any. If needed, custom tooling can be produced using the latest technology of computer aided design and manufacturing.

From discussing a concept, to delivering the finished part, we have abilities and experience in our industry second to none.
  • Uncompromised Quality
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Dependable Delivery
About Us

About Us

"Precision Metalforming...since 1924"

Industries Served:
• Aerospace
• Appliance
• Architectural
• Case
• Commercial Refrigeration
• Construction
• Door
• Electrical
• Elevator
• Exercise Equipment
• Food Service Equipment
• Furniture
• Injection Molding
• Kitchen / Bathroom
• Lamps / Lighting
• Machine Manufacturing
• Masonry
• Material Handling
• Medical Apparatus
• Medicine Cabinets
• Mirror / Glass
• Office Equipment
• Ornamental Glass
• Picture Framing
• Point of Purchase Display
• Pump
• Signal
• Shipbuilding
• Signage
• Ventillation
• Water Filtration
• Window and Door
• Wire Forming & Fabricating
Kroh-Wagner Incorporated - Precision Metal Forming Since 1924